Theramine® (120 ct) Advanced Chronic Pain Kit
Theramine® (120 ct) Advanced Chronic Pain Kit

Theramine® (120 ct) Advanced Chronic Pain Kit

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  • Organically Grown Industrial Hemp Made in the USA
  • Water Soluble / Highly Bioavailable
  • Over 30 Million Theramine Doses with No Reported Adverse Side Effects
  • More than 15 Years of Clinical Success

Research suggests that hemp derived, broad spectrum THC free CBD may help ease joint & back discomfort and stiffness. Studies examining the benefits of CBD for patients with chronic pain, show that lower doses of CBD over extended periods of time are more beneficial than high dose short term CBD therapy. The Arthritis Foundation recommends a 10mg dose twice daily for an extended period of time to maximize the benefits of CBD therapy and minimize any side effects.

Theramine® is a specially formulated Medical Food intended for the dietary management of the altered metabolic processes associated with pain syndromes and inflammatory conditions. 

The efficacy of Theramine is driven by Targeted Cellular Technology, a patented five step process that increases the cellular uptake and utilization of neurotransmitter precursors required for mitigating pain and inflammation. The proprietary water-soluble phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, delivers 10 mg of highly bioavailable CBD per dose. CBD serves as a synaptic circuit breaker, helping to regulate neurotransmitter release and optimizing the efficacy of Theramine.

Recommended Dosing: 

It is recommended that two (2) capsules of Theramine be taken twice daily along with one (1) CBD soft gel twice daily. To achieve optimal results, it is recommended that this product be taken for at least 2 consecutive months.