Clearwayz® 30ct Free Sample ($3 S&H)

Clearwayz® 30ct Free Sample ($3 S&H)

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Clearwayz Sample Bottle

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Clearwayz® is a drug-free, fast acting formula works with your body to support healthy sinus, respiratory and immune function. The antioxidant power of Clearwayz fights inflammation and congestion helping you breathe better day and night.*

How Can Cleawarz Help?

The proprietary SinuHealth blend in Clearwayz works with your body’s nervous system to support healthy sinus and immune function. The primary ingredients in ClearWayz are amino acids, botanicals and nutrients. These ingredients are commonly found in many foods that you eat, and are very familiar to your body. Amino acids help produce specific substances called neurotransmitters that your body uses to support healthy sinus and breathing function as well as the immune response.

The patented process that boosts the efficacy of ClearWayz is known as Targeted Cellular Technology™, and promotes the rapid absorption and use of milligram quantities of amino acids and nutrients for sustained sinus and breathing support.

Allergies and nasal congestion can cause uncomfortable sinus pressure and pain. ClearWayz is specially formulated to support and maintain healthy sinus function keeping you breathing free and clear day or night. The natural ClearWayz formula is safe for all ages, is non-habit forming and non-drowsy.