Clearwayz® Protection Pack | Free 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer

Clearwayz® Protection Pack | Free 1 oz. Hand Sanitizer

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Clearwayz® is a drug-free, natural formula that works with your body to support healthy respiratory and immune function. The ingredients in Clearwayz have been carefully selected based on their safety and ability to support healthy sinus and lung function.

Clearwayz delivers a powerful combination of antioxidants and amino acids that eliminate free radicals and promote healthy immune and nervous system function.

Order Clearwayz today and receive a free 1oz Hand Sanitizer.

Targeted Medical Pharma Hand Sanitizer exceeds the CDC recommendation of 60% alcohol at 75% concentration. Our formula is designed to quickly disinfect for regular use. Use the 1 oz size for personal use at your work desk, bathroom, bedroom, purse, or car for optimal convenience.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 75% Isopropyl Alcohol
INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Purified Water USP

****One free hand sanitizer per customer****