VITAMINERAL Advanced Multivitamin and Mineral System (1 Month Supply)

VITAMINERAL Advanced Multivitamin and Mineral System (1 Month Supply)

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The advanced multivitamin and mineral system was developed by Dr. Larry May, a graduate of Harvard Medical School with over 30 years of private practice and research experience, to provide optimal nutritional insurance. The Vitamineral AM/PM multivitamin system is designed with the best sources and appropriate dose of each ingredient, based on the latest scientific research. 

What are the advantages of the AM/PM multivitamin?

  • Better Bioavailability: This system separates vitamins and minerals enhancing their absorption and efficacy. Each formula utilizes bioperine to improve absorption and bioavailability by 150%.
  • Natural Ingredients:  Unlike common multivitamins that use synthetic ingredients, the AM/PM formulas derive ingredients from natural sources. 
  • Dosing and Proportions: Dosing of each vitamin and mineral is based on scientific research that establishes optimal dosing for each ingredient. 

What is your body getting?

  • Vitamin A - proportioned for maximum safety and efficacy. This system uses mixed carotenoids and beta carotene for optimal absorption. 
  • Vitamin E - This system uses mixed natural tocopherols in the safest proportions. 
  • Vitamin C - 180 mg is the maximum absorbed dose. 
  • Thiamin B1 - 41 mg per dose is more than most multivitamins to maximize the cognitive benefits of this vitamin. 
  • Zinc - 11 mg per dose, to maintain optimal safety
  • B6 - 6 mg per dose is the optimal range to maximize the benefits and safety. High doses of B6 can cause nerve damage. 
  • Folic Acid - 400 mg twice daily is the maximum safe dose. 
  • Biotin - 300 mcg to maximize the benefits for hair and nail health.